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Qualified Members will have their information stored in our personal data base. Your information is used for the sole purpose of identifying you 

We do not collect, resell, or divulge any personal information, including Name, Address, Phone numbers, email addresses or items ordered, to any business, organization or individuals outside of Canamela weed shop. Our website is also protected with secure socket layer technology (SSL). We may only disclose your personal information if we are required by law.

Medical Cannabis

Indicas provide a heavier “couch-locked” body high, more associated with night time use that aids in ailments like chronic pains, migraines, insomnia, muscle spasms and many others. Indica’s are regularly high CBD but low THC.

Sativas provide a more energetic, euphoric and uplifting effect, typically increasing focus and creativity and aiding conditions like daytime fatigue, appetite stimulation and depression. Sativa’s are regularly high THC but low CBD.

Hybrids are a combination of the two and can vary/range from indica-dominant and sativa-dominant strains. Hybrids can provide great pain combating attributes while still being uplifting and energetic.

Tinctures are an extraction of active cannabinoids from plant material. Tinctures are ingested orally, with the most effective method being used under the tongue. Start with a few drops and adjust dosage as necessary. They can provide faster relief of symptoms and make it easy for patients to control dosage without smoking. Tinctures can be grain alcohol based or vegetable glycerin based and come in an eye dropper bottle for easy use.

At Canamela Weed Shop, we provide a wide range of products and prices for everyone. We carry many products with little to no THC, generally featuring products with high CBD doses. Cannabidiol (CBD), is great for inflammation, joint and muscle pain, and overall gut health among other things.

Membership provides access to our dispensing area with a wide variety of products to choose from to fit all patients’ needs. Memberships also provide access to discounts and in – store promotions.

Canamela Weed Shop receives new product on a very frequent basis.  Popular strains are re-stocked often and we always make sure to keep a diverse variety of strains to meet all purposes.

Canamela Weed Shop membership is not valid for mail order throughout America. Patients looking for mail order must obtain their ACMPR.

After being registered, Canamela will require regular updates of documentation at a maximum of every two years. Regular updates of documentation allows us to have updated information, such as address changes, phone number and e-mail changes.

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