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Buy Stoney Patch Gummies Online .350mg  stoney patch  one of most advanced hybrid edibles. These are medical grade and will get you feeling euphoric, relaxed and out of this world.

The effects you can expect to encounter with stoney patch  edibles 350mg gummies  will depend on your tolerance, your body weight, the dose size, metabolism.

comes infused with cannabis  which doesn’t only get you stone. stoney patch makes you relieve, sound and comfortable.  highly recommended for adults only.

The 350mg Stoney patch edibles are said to be square shape size gummies. Which do comes  multiple colours such like yellow,green, blue and red.

Also a pack consist of a handful for each serving.They all taste the same irrespective of the colour.Also has a candy smell flavour.



5 packs, 10 packs, 15 packs, 25 packs, 50 packs, 100 packs


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