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Flavors: Berry, Grape, Tropical, Sweet, Pine
Effects:  Uplifted, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy, Focused
Medical: Anxiety, Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Muscle spasms, Stress, Appetite loss

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Platinum Kush, otherwise called “Platinum Kush OG,” is an indica maryjane strain made by intersection OG Kush with Afghani. This strain takes on a platinum-silver shade because of its thick layer of gem sap.With purple tones and dazzling orange hairs, its buds become thick with a sweet fruity and hashy fragrance. The buzz from Platinum Kush has been depicted as firmly cerebral and body-desensitizing.

Buy Platinum OG Online,What is the Platinum OG Cannabis Strain?

Ay man, Platinum OG is some crazy fire that ought to be in your unpolished. It’s been around for a really long time, and right up ’til today, is still probably the most powerful weed you could discover there. So assuming you’re needing something to put you down for a really long time, or on the other hand in the event that you want something weighty for potential torment the executives, Platinum OG may be the one for your body. Here is a few general realities about it.The Platinum OG, now and again called Platinum OG Kush, and not to be mistaken for Platinum Cookies, is a cross of Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third parent that we don’t have any idea, as indicated by Leafly’s strains data set.

Buy Platinum OG Online

It is an indica-prevailing half breed, and is generally viewed as probably the heaviest strain around. Weedmaps recommends that it was initially reared in Northern California by Apothecary Genetics, and the third obscure strain is Mendocino Purps, another amazing NorCal-conceived strain. Platinum OG seems lime green and orange in colors, with its tight buds totally covered by smooth white trichomes.

Buy Platinum OG Online,How does the Platinum OG strain smell and taste

Crazy, piney, and wet. That is the manner by which some great Platinum OG scents and tastes. Astounding as far as how most OG cultivars have a stinky smell to them. Damp is that smell where you put your nose in a sack and the smell yells at you like Spongebob performing Sweet Victory at the Super Bowl.

Buy Platinum OG Online

Leafly has Platinum OG’s main three most predominant flavors as hearty, impactful, and piney. Weedmaps has its top most predominant flavors as gassy and sweet.As indicated by Leafly’s confirmed terpenes program, Platinum OG’s most prevailing terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. Myrcene is normal in all strains, and remembered to have loosening up properties. Caryophyllene is remembered to have pressure help properties. Limonene is remembered to have elevating properties.

Buy Platinum OG Online,What do Platinum OG effects feel like 

With all weed strains and items, it’s memorable’s essential that the force of “being high” is different for all individuals. Our bodies each have endocannabinoid frameworks that interaction the compound properties (THC, CBD, terpenes) in pot in an unexpected way. The most effective way to know how Platinum OG will cause you to feel is to check it out.

Buy Platinum OG Online

All things considered, as a general rule, Platinum OG is relied upon to cause individuals to feel pretty sluggish and stooped over. Leafly has its best three detailed impacts as loose, euphoric, and lethargic. Weedmaps has its best three impacts as loose, shivery, and euphoric.

Buy Platinum OG Online

The times I’ve by and by smoked Platinum OG, I’ve felt an unquestionably strong head high. Simply that solid euphoric buzz that OG Kush has gained notoriety for.Platinum OG is a Kush mixed drink, so it just seems OK that the vast majority of individuals who smoke will generally feel that super stoney feeling that goes on for such a long time that you choose to rest at last.While not being quickly soothing, the strain in the end overcomes my eyelids and energy in a genuine clash of determination.

Buy Platinum OG Online,Is Platinum OG a body high or head high?

Once more, assuming that Platinum OG impacts hit more in the head or the body relies upon the buyer. Most OGs hit with a solid cerebral high that gradually loosens up the body.As indicated by Leafly analyst , the response is head high.

Buy Platinum OG Online

They reply “I love the way the platinum og kush quiets me down and gives me that decent head buzz. I suggest!”Wikileaf commentator ,says “taste astounding… pleasant loosening up body high.”Strains data set AllBud says about Platinum OG that “The strong impacts incorporate a quieting body buzz with lounge chair lock, rapture, joy, and extreme drowsiness. This makes Platinum OG a decent medicine for sleep deprivation, just as tension, low temperament, ADHD, irritation, headache cerebral pains, state of mind swings, and muscle spasms.”

Buy Platinum OG Online

Eventually, the effects  in impacts from various individuals about various strains demonstrates that consuming weed is really an individualistic encounter.It might require some investment, however the most effective way to know what any pot item will mean for your body is to attempt it and scribble down the outcomes.

Buy Platinum OG Online

In the end, you’ll begin to see the subtleties of hereditary qualities/items, empowering yourself to find precisely what kinds of marijuana you should place in your body.Platinum OG is one of the most strong strains of pot around. At first it’ll loosen up the faculties and fill you with an euphoric energy.

Buy Platinum OG Online,It’ll then, at that point,

transform into perhaps the most heaviest body high you’ve at any point felt – as it’s both calming and desensitizing. An extraordinary strain for the individuals who truly need to unwind. Best done around evening time, close to a comfortable and delicate bed.

Buy Platinum OG Online

Because of ongoing legitimization endeavors for pot being utilized with the end goal of therapeutic therapies, numerous pot strains are being reared absolutely in view of their restorative advantages, regardless of whether this is to give alleviation from constant, impairing torments or to assist with overseeing emotional well-being conditions.

Buy Platinum OG Online

Platinum OG is one of these strains, ideal for decreasing the adverse consequences of various conditions and making life reasonable once more. However, this doesn’t imply that Platinum OG doesn’t have its sporting uses also. Similarly as with most half and half strains, there is an unexpected surprise to be acquired for everybody.

THC Content – Highest Test

Platinum OG has a higher than normal THC content for an Indica prevailing strain, with midpoints of 12% being found in indica-predominant cross breed strains. Normal levels have been accounted for as being 17%, with highs of 24% sometimes for Platinum OG. This undeniable degree of THC clarifies the weighty body high that is knowledgeable about Platinum OG and why this is a strain with the capacity to take you out.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The specific CBD content of Platinum OG is obscure, something exceptionally normal with strains that have such a significant degree of THC. The common principle is that the higher the THC content, the less CBD you can hope to find in a strain, and this appears to particularly be the situation with Platinum OG.

Reports have shown that the CBD level of Platinum OG is under 1%, bringing about a strain that is dependent on its body high impacts for its health advantages. So exactly what sort of health advantages can be found in Platinum OG?

Medical Benefits of the Platinum OG Cannabis Strain

Platinum OG is a weighty strain that has incredibly impressive narcotic impacts and has brought about it being a well known strain for individuals who experience the ill effects of Insomnia. Dissimilar to most indicas, you don’t have to take a huge portion of Platinum OG to feel its quieting, rest instigating impacts.

With only a couple of puffs you start to feel the weight spread through your body and a drained wave come over you. Platinum OG has been suggested as an elective evening time prescription, as managing a sleeping disorder and evening sorrow that can make it trying to get an entire night’s rest.

The effective high implies that you don’t need to stand by long for the actual impacts of Platinum OG to set in and can quite often ensure a long, simple night’s rest, without managing the impacts of a psychological high.

Platinum OG can likewise be utilized to control constant agonies and muscle fits, because of its body desensitizing impacts. It is essential to be completely mindful of exactly how solid a strain this is and the sluggish impacts that it has.

While incredible for managing torments, it won’t permit you to complete day by day dynamic undertakings effortlessly, as your body feels weighty and burdened. Platinum OG could, nonetheless, be an extraordinary strain for fighting persistent agonies that keep you from dozing around evening time.

The calming impacts of Platinum OG make it a strain worth considering assuming you experience the ill effects of serious Stress that regularly makes it hard to accomplish a full and serene night’s rest.
With the start of the great attempting to clear your brain and the body impacts that immediately hit, you can float off to rest straightforward.

Possible Side Effects of the Platinum OG Cannabis Strain

One significant justification for Platinum OG’s prominence is that it accompanies not very many aftereffects. As is dependably the situation with Marijuana you are probably going to encounter dry eyes and cotton-mouth, the two of which are brief impacts.

In any case, be cautioned, due to a large portion of the great being spent sleeping, it is not difficult to become dried out. It is normal to awaken with a terribly cotton feel to your mouth, so make a point to leave a glass of water inside simple reach of your bed prepared for the following morning.

Other detailed incidental effects incorporate inclination woozy, cerebral pains and sensations of uneasiness. These impacts have just been accounted for in few cases and ought not put you off attempting Platinum OG.

Platinum OG is a strain like not many others, with shockingly solid actual impacts for a half and half, which will leave you in a calming state inside a short space of time.

The primary justification behind taking Platinum OG is for its restorative advantages, for the most part as a tranquilizer. In spite of the fact that relying upon the sort of high that you are looking for, Platinum OG may very well bring something to the table for recreational purposes.

The flavor and fragrance of Platinum OG aren’t anything excessively astounding; with a characteristic taste, this isn’t a strain that will be associated with its solid flavor or novel aroma. What truly makes Platinum OG stand apart from the group is its delightfully smooth, metallic appearance which gives it its name.

Assuming you are searching for a cross breed that offers a solid body high with a heap of therapeutic impacts, particularly so assuming that you are hoping to involve it as a tranquilizer, Platinum OG may very well be an ideal strain for you.

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Buy Platinum OG Online . (75% indica / 25% sativa)the best hybrid strains for sale online

Platinum OG is just as precious as the metal it’s named after. This indica-dominant hybrid asserts itself as one of the “heaviest” strains around. Platinum OG is purported to stem from three strains: Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third unknown parent. Flowers are lime green and plump, with prominent orange hairs and a platinum coating thanks to the abundance of THC crystals. A brief, heady onset settles into a powerful physical sedation suitable for nighttime use and pain, stress, or anxiety relief, making this precious strain a robust healer. Buy Platinum OG Online


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