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THC: 78%

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Buy TKO Cartridges Online .  the best disposable sativa vape online

TKO Cartridges 1g  comes in exiting flavors such as   Candyland, Durbin poison, mango gelato, platinum OG, biscotti, Sherbet, lime OG, + more.

Buy TKO Cartridges Online

Buy TKO Cartridges Online TKO Cartridges 1g    is made from a premium distillate that’s absolutely free of solvents. TKO disposable vape distillates contain original terpenes for flavor. It has no additional fillers, and no PG/VG.

Sativa vape cartridges 1g will boost energy and creativity to handle daily tasks. TKO sativa vapes deliver a potent high. It will make you feel energized, sociable, creative, focused, and euphoric.

Sativa  is Ideal for daytime consumption or when a social, physical, or intellectually engaging activity is going on. Its high THC concentration makes it an extremely powerful product.



Durban Poison, Biscotti, Candyland, GDP, Banana Kush, Lime OG, Lemon tree, Blueberry diesel, Mango Gelato, OG Kush, Berry lemons, Platinum OG, Cookies, Gelato, OG cookies, Sherbet, Sour Tangie, wedding cake


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